Alodia on The Straits Times

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The Straits Times – 11 Nov 2010

The Straits Times – 16 Nov 2010

I know I have not been blogging here for very long. Here are 2 articles I scanned from¬†The Straits Times. Click pictures for high resolution. Enjoy! ūüėĬ†


Facebook 200,000 likes celebration – Little gifts from Alodia

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Wow, I have never seen Alodia’s Facebook post with more than 2000 comment and 3000 likes.

Alodia will be giving away some small gifts to fans who comment in this post to celebrate for the 200,000 likes in her facebook.

Seriously, with 2600+ commenters, I don’t even think I stand a chance to win it at all with my poor luck. Lol. Good luck people ūüėÄ

Alodia’s facebook fanpage – 200,000 likes achieved!!

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200,000 likes achieved!! Congrats to Alodia!! In just 3 months time, she managed to get another 100,000 likes.

And I finally managed to get the exact 200,000 screenshot. Lol. Missed the last one for 100,000 ;p

Now I can finally go to sleep..zzzzzzz. Camped at my com for damn long already just for this screenshot.

Alodia’s new photoshoot

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*Photo taken from Joyce A. Ramirez *

Styling by Myrrh Lao To
Make Up by John Pagaduan
Backpacks by HIGH SIERRA
Special Thanks to ANIMAX Asia

Alodia’s latest photoshoot. I am not very sure if this photoshoot was done for Animax Asia, but I believe Alodia will update it in her Facebook Fan Page soon and we will know more by then.

Freshgear Demicon 2010

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Event: Freshgear Demicon 2010
Date: 15 Oct 2010
Time: 4pm
Venue: Philippines SM Manila

*Info taken from Alodia’s Facebook*
See your favorite cosplay queens Alodia and Ashley together with other FreshGear models. Watch band performances by Tanya Markova and The Drift.FREE ENTRANCE! Come in COSTUME or wear your FreshGear apparels and win exciting prizes plus Freshgear alodia-ashley posters!

Concept Design & Art Direction: James Hermogenes & Carlo Lamano
Photgraphy: Xander Angeles of Edge of Light
Costumes: Alodia, Ashley, Guy Singson and Mary Grace Roldan

I think this is a promo event for Freshgear. Hmm, Friday, 4pm. Holding a event on a weekday during school/work hours is not really a good timeing if you ask me. Also, I heard that Philippines’s traffic can get really bad. I wonder how many fans will be able to make it there in time to see Alodia and Ashley before the event ends.

P.S. Yes, short break is officially over and I am back to blogging¬†again. BUT, I will be starting to play FFXIV online from today so………………. hopefully I won’t forget to blog here? ;p

Halloween Treat Party Winners

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Looks like the winners for Halloween Treat Party have been selected (Cosplayers & Bloggers).

Animax has not officially annnounced the winners yet, but my friend who took part in the Blogger’s contest has already received a confirmation email from them.

And nope, I never recieve any email so I didn’t win it obviously. This outcome is within my expectations since submission date, number of comments, blog’s view counts played a crucial role in the jugding citeria. Not to mention that I didn’t really write a good post about the event.

Naturally, I feel slightly disappointed momentarily. Haha. Who don’t want a free vacation trip right? But, it’s ok. The main idea of my submission is just to support Alodia. Already did my best to pimp her as much as I could in my submission for the contest ;p

Hopefully, everyone enjoy the event at Hong Kong ūüėÄ

Blog on a short break

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Just want to say that this blog is on a short break because I have been feeling unwell these days and also I am trying to finish my entry for Animax Halloween Treat Party contest.

Well, I doubt I will win since it is partly judged by the blog’s popularity (view counts, comments etc). Nevertheless, I still hope to submit an entry to show minimum support to Alodia’s callout.

Therefore, there won’t be any update here for the time being unless there are news which really excites me ;p

[Animax Asia] Hong Kong Halloween Treats Party 2010

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Halloween festival is just around the corner and I hope everyone has already made some plans to celebrate this joyous occassion. If you haven’t, fear not because I have a GREAT¬†NEWS for everyone.¬† You might now stand a chance to win a full expense paid trip to Hong Kong’s¬†Halloween Treat Party proudly organised by Animax Asia and Hong Kong Tourism Board!!¬†

And that’s not all!! ¬†Two special guests have also been specially invited to join you in experiencing this wonderful Hong Kong’s style Halloween celebration! Yes, you have guessed correctly based on the poster above. They are the famous blogger, Danny Choo and international renowned cosplayer, Alodia Gosiengfiao.¬†


I believe there isn’t really a need to introduce who Danny Choo is since who doesn’t know the famous blogger who¬†did a dance right in the middle of city in Tokyo while wearing a storm tropper costume!! Recently, he also started his own TV show, Culture Japan which features¬†things from Japan such as Jpop culture,¬†anime, manga, fashion and figurines etc. Animax Asia was selected as one of the network channel to broadcast Culture Japan all over Asia!¬†


Of course, next up will be the absolutely gorgeous Philippines Cosplay Queen, Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao (also known as the Triple “A” girl). Not only she excels with everything she do with a grade “A” winning numerous art contests and cosplay competitions, another reason is because she is also Animax Asia’s Ani-mate. If you always see this lovely lady appearing during Animax interstitials and hope to meet her in person, now is the chance to do so.¬†

Without further ado, let’s find out more about cosplayers can win this exclusive trip to Hong Kong¬†and attend the Halloween Treats Party.¬†

Halloween Treats party cosplay photo contest 

Cosplayers just need to submit a cosplay picture of themselves at this animax link with a short message why you want to go Hong Kong. Top 3 cosplayers with the most votes will be able to win the free trip. 

I have been observing the competition since it started. Therefore, I can assured you that battle for the Top 3 has been very intense especially when popular Filippina cosplayers , Jerry Polence, Hye marie Nim, Monique Diamanlig and Miimii Chan decided to join in. It just seems so much tougher for other cosplayers to emerge as winners especially every single of one of¬† them have so many supporters! In my opinion, this compeititon has simply evolved from just a¬†“win a free trip contest” to a battle between the pride of cosplayers from different Asia counttries. I actually opened a thread the contest in¬† Singapore forum,¬†Sgcafe to share this news, hoping more local cosplayers will take up the challenge and do our country proud.¬†

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Without a doubt, all the above mentioned cosplayers have been selected for the final round with the most viewership. Congratulations¬†to them. Here are the¬†20 finalists¬†and do remember to register a Animax’s account and vote for your favorite cosplayer. Remember, your vote is essential in¬†helping them to secure the¬†top 3 places.¬†

 Hong Kong РA Dream Destination for Cosplayers  

If you wondering whether there are any other fun stuffs to do in Hong Kong beside the Halloween Treats Party, read on to find out more!!

Tired of the constant hot and humid weather in your country and the only anime character which¬†you seems¬†able to cosplay as¬†are characters like Gray Fullbuster who like to strip¬†butt-naked so that you can keep your “cool”?¬†

If you were to ask me, October is preferably the best month to visit Hong Kong. It has a pleasant temperature with 28C Average High 80F (27C) Average Low 73F (23C). Humidity is low and almost complete lack of rain . The skies are clear and blue with the constant sunshine. 

Honestly, which cosplayers can say no to this ideal climate during a photoshoot. You can even cosplay as the “Hottest” Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, wearing a scarf all over your neck and feeling even “cooler” than¬†Gray.¬†

Looks like Natsu just scored one against Gray to become the strongest magician in their guild. Lol. If you have no idea who these¬†two anime characters are, remember to tune in to Animax and watch “Fairy Tail” anime¬†which is showing on their channel right now.¬†

Mong Kok (śóļŤßí)¬†

For cosplayers, Mong Kok is definitely one place you will not be disappointed to visit because it is literally the Akihabara of Hong Kong! Here are some of the places in Mong Kok that are going to be a paradise for every cosplayer. 

Sino Centre Arcade (šŅ°ŚíĆšł≠ŚŅÉ)
‚Äď Anime, Manga, Jpop cd albums, figurines, Japanese style karaoke booths, cosplay accessories. You name it, they have it!!!¬†

Ho King Shopping Centre (Ś•ĹśôĮŚēÜŚ†ī)
РNeed to buy some computer and video games such as FFXIII, Persona 3 to look for inspiring characters to cosplay as? Ho King Shopping Centre offered the best prices which you could possibly find in Hong Kong. What are you waiting for? Time to surf the internet and make a full list of the games you are going to buy!! 

Hong Kong’s Disneyland¬†

Oh no! Hong Kong ‘s Disneyland¬†has been attacked by a dark force…….. And I am totally loving it!!¬†

I am really impressed with how Disneyland is always able to come up with different creative themes for all the festivals. We all know¬†the reason why cosplayers like to dress up as anime character is because they really wish to become the character and live in the same world as they do. Hong Kong Disneyland is obviously one of the perfect place for them to fully unleash all the cosplayer’s imagination and live in the fantasy world. Isn’t this great?!¬†

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum 

Mademe Tussauds has the wax figures of all the famous Hong Kong celebrities you can ever possibly imagined like Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh. And Yes! Even Astroboy! OMG! This really reminds me of my childhood! 

Many cosplayer may think that cosplay is just purely a hobby.¬†¬†However, Filippina cosplayer, ¬†Alodia Gosiengfiao who strived to cosplay as a career is now not only a “Celebrity Cosplayer” her country, she has also been offered a role by Legendary Pictures to act in their upcoming “Warcraft” movie!! After visitng the wax museum, I hope every cosplayers will be able to keep their dreams big and get motivated to become popular so that one day they might have their own wax figures exhibted in the musem.¬†

This might not be directly related with cosplay, but name a girl who doesn’t like the word¬†“SHOPPING“!!¬†

Hong Kong Halloween Treat Party will be held at Harbour City (śĶ∑śłĮŚüé) which is¬†a BIG SHOPPING MALL loctated at Tsim Sha Tsui. I don’t think I need to explain any further because one sentence can concludes everything/ “You can shop till you drop!!”.¬†

So, what¬†about the guys? Seriously, we definitely don’t need 10 pairs of shoes like the girls do. Well, you can always shop for a LouisVuitton shoes or a Prada handbag to impress your girlfriend/girl you like? Lol, somehow I have a feeling you regretted asking me because I just pratcially burn a hole in your¬†wallet.¬†

The End 

And this ends my entry for Halloween Cosplay Treat Party. Thanks for those reading my post. I know I most likely won’t win the contest since it is party judged based on popularity and comments. Nevertheless, I still hope submit an entry for this contest to support Alodia after seeing her promoting about it in her Facebook. All the best to the winners for the cosplay and blogging contest!! ūüėĬ†



Ideal Climate for Cosplayer

Freshgear 2011

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Art Direction: Carlo Lamano
Photography: Xander Angeles
Graphic Design: James Hermogenes
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao

Finally, the pictures taken for Freshgear are out! I have already helped to tag the picture to Alodia’s Facebook. Hopefully, she will share the pictures with all her fans soon

Alodia in Playstation The Official Magazine

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*Click Pic for high resolution*

Alodia appearing in Playstation The Official Magazine November Issue. Thanks to Reginald Tiomico for the info.

It may only have small picture of Alodia in the magazine, but it’s still worth getting it.

I have a feeling they never get permission from Alodia before using her picture though.

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