Alodia might be acting in the new Warcraft movie!!

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*All photo taken from Alodia’s deviant account*

Take a deep breath. GREAT NEWS PEOPLE!!

Alodia will be meeting Legendary Pictures tomorrow (or by Singapore current timing, today) for a possible project in the Warcraft movie!

Yes, this means that she might get to act in the movie and we are going to see her on the BIG SCREEN. OMG!

Forget about whether she might be a main cast or simply just a side kick. For Legendary Pictures to even approach her, a cosplayer in the first place, this is something worth celebrating for!

Let’s pray everything goes well for her.

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Alodia’s hottest facebook message

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Well, I believe Alodia just purely wanted to update some of the daily stuff happening around her.

But, I bet she has not realise that her simple message has just got all her male fans all excited and out of controlled right now. =.=”

Let’s see if the no. of like and comments will reach 1,000 by tomorrow morning when I wake up. Lol. *Thumb up*

Hymn of Siren Band Performance

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Ashley‘s band, Hymn of Siren will be performing at Checkpoint bar, Betterliving Paranaque on 29 Jul 2010 at around 10pm.

I know it is too late to blog about this because I thought that the performance is on Friday. Anyway, I doubt any Philippines fan of Ashley is counting on my blog for this info.

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Alodia’s interview by Playwork Magazine (Preview)

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(Photos taken from Playwork Magazine. Photography by Delia  and Valefor Ho)

Here is a preview of the interview done with Alodia by our local gaming magazine, Playwork when she was in Singapore few weeks back

You can read preview here and the full article in the August issue of the magazine.

P.S. Even though I was the one who shared the link in Alodia’s facebook quite some time ago, I can’t believe I forgot to share the news here =.=”

Alodia’s Facebook Fan Page – 100,000 ACHIEVED!!!

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Finally, it has reached 100, 000!!!! This is really a good achievement for Alodia. Once again, how many cosplayers has even managed to attain this figure?

And damn it, I missed the exact 100,000 screenshot!! It has not reach 100,000 yet when I left work 1 hour ago.

Another fake Alodia’s facebook a/c?

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As I was searching for Alodia’s fan page in facebook to see if there is any new update about her at SDCC, I came across this “Alodia” facebook account.

Because I have every reasons to believe that is just another imposter, I have already sent a short message to the real Alodia in facebook  informing her to check it out. Hopefully, there will be a confirmation before I report it as a fake account.

As for the imposter, I have nothing to say to him/her because you are not worth the attention and time.

However, I do have some words to say to all Alodia’s fans.

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Alodia’s Facebook Fan Page – 100,000 soon!!!!

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Date: 26 July 2010
Time: 11.45pm

Last month, it was only near to 80,000. In just a month time, it is already reaching 100,000 soon!!!  😀

How many cosplayers have managed to achieve this so far?!!! And I haven even mentioned her deviant art account which is reaching 5 million page views soon!!!!! OMG!!!!

Starcraft 2

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I hope everyone is as excited as I am because Starcraft 2 will be officially released tommorrow.  How many years have passed since I played Starcraft? Hmm.

Oh god!! This is such an awesome trailer. Kerrigan in human form is simply too hot!! Make a guess which cosplayer I hope to see cosplaying as Kerrigan (Human form) the most ;p

Some of the things which you need to take note before buying the game.

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Alodia on Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Magazine

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(Scans taken from Alodia’s facebook)

I believe all Alodia’s fans should have read this interview by now.

If you have problem reading the article from the scan, you can read it directlyfrom

I really wish I can get my hands on all these philippines magazines featuring Alodia’s interview and keep them for collection D:

Latest News: Alodia arrived safely in San Diego

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Latest News: Alodia has arrived San Diego safe and sound and happily having her double cheese burger an hour ago

Nope, I don’t have insider info. You guys just really need to surf the net more.

And no. No photo, link or source will be provided. If you don’t understand why, well….. you don’t understand. Simple as that  ;p

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