Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Interview by RAZORTV

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(Photo taken from Alodia’s facebook)

If you followed Alodia’s facebook  closely, you would have known that she has just done an interivew for Singapore Straitstimes RAZORTV during her visit over Singapore last Friday.

I believe everyone will be asking now when will it be broadcasted in Singapore or where we can to watch the videos? With a quick search, I have already found the videos  

First of all, RAZORTV is actually Singapore Straitstimes online web TV service broadcast.

The videos have been upload onto youtube channel by me so that it is easier for Alodia’s fan to search for them and of course just in case RAZORTV decided to take down the videos in future.

Original videos can be found here . All rights reserved by RAZORTV. I don’t not own any of the videos.

Part 1
In this video, we will be able to see the full process of Alodia dressing up  (excluding changing into the costume obviously) as Miwako from the anime Paradise Kiss and how long it takes for her to finish the transformation.

Part 2
Make a guess the total number for characters Alodia has cosplayed and how and costumes she has?

Towards the end of the video, she was requested to speak a few short Japanese phrases. This was what she said “Toire wa nan desu ka?” and the translation  given by RAZORTV is “Where is the toliet?”

Ok, the thing is I do happened to know some basic Japanese. “Toire wa nan desu ka?” actually means “What is a toliet?”. Anyway, it is just a small harmless mistake made by Alodia  ^_^”

Part 3
This is the last part of the video and you should really watch this.

One question asked is whether any of the otaku has asked for her number and the way she handled them will be saying her favourite number, 9. This explained why we will always see this number in all her various accounts (deviant, youtube etc)

Next time, if a Singapore Otaku decided to ask for her phone number, instead of saying “9”, I will suggest she says “999” instead. Triple 9 is actually Singapore Police Hotline, so the guy can call it up and have a “hot date” with them instead.

Next question is the forever POPULAR question that everyone wanted to know, “Do you have a boyfriend?” This time round we actually got a different answer from her usual “No comment”

Her answer was ?????????????

I rewatched her response for a few hundred times. Ok, I exagerated. Maybe about 15 times because I couldn’t make out what she was saying previously and I almost send the video for a sound wave frequency lab test to find out what she said. Finally, I figured out that she was actually making a noise “He He”

Honestly, I have no idea if that means a “Yes” or “No” except seeing her blissfully looking expression, it won’t be surprising if she really does has one.

Either way, it is not going to stop me from supporting Alodia and be sure I will be blogging more news of her


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