Another fake Alodia’s facebook a/c?

July 28, 2010 at 2:09 pm | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Facebook | 1 Comment

As I was searching for Alodia’s fan page in facebook to see if there is any new update about her at SDCC, I came across this “Alodia” facebook account.

Because I have every reasons to believe that is just another imposter, I have already sent a short message to the real Alodia in facebook  informing her to check it out. Hopefully, there will be a confirmation before I report it as a fake account.

As for the imposter, I have nothing to say to him/her because you are not worth the attention and time.

However, I do have some words to say to all Alodia’s fans.

If you have been Alodia’s fan for at least 6 months (which is roughly the same as me) and you have actually added this “Alodia” as your friend, I seriously think you need a tight slap to pay more attention to the real Alodia’s facebook or her fan page more.

Of course, you might argue that she may have started a third facebook account since her personal facebook account has exceeded the friends limit or it simply has too many pending friend requests and you can’t add her anymore.

1)  She has not exceed the facebook’s friends limit yet.
2) Yes, you might be unable to add her as friend due to her having overwhelming friend requests (Ya, I tried adding b4),  but did you know that she can add you as friend instead.

Therefore, there is simply no reason to create a 3rd facebook account in the first place.

Also, here is an suggestion though. You can try to send her a message and politely request her add you as a friend. 

However, please don’t go harass her or simply take it for granted that she has the obligation to add you just because I suggested this.  I have the rights to tell you this simply because I am not even in her friend list and neither did I email/message her to add me as friend.

I believe she has the rights to decide who she wanted to add as friend in the first place so please don’t make a hill out of a mole hole like the guys below.


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  1. Reported. Thanks for the heads-up! 🙂

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