Alodia might be acting in the new Warcraft movie!!

July 31, 2010 at 4:42 am | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Movie | 10 Comments

*All photo taken from Alodia’s deviant account*

Take a deep breath. GREAT NEWS PEOPLE!!

Alodia will be meeting Legendary Pictures tomorrow (or by Singapore current timing, today) for a possible project in the Warcraft movie!

Yes, this means that she might get to act in the movie and we are going to see her on the BIG SCREEN. OMG!

Forget about whether she might be a main cast or simply just a side kick. For Legendary Pictures to even approach her, a cosplayer in the first place, this is something worth celebrating for!

Let’s pray everything goes well for her.

“As such, the movie is set one year before World of Warcraft and will primarily told from the Alliance‘s point of view, though Metzen says his heart lies with the Horde. Characters such as Cairne Bloodhoof, Thrall, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Bolvar Fordragon are likely to make appearances. Arthas is unlikely to appear. At BlizzCon 2007, Chris Metzen said that the main character is set to be a new hero described as a “kick-ass Human” and an “Anti-Thrall”.”

As a Warcraft and World of Warcraft gamer, I have been keeping track of the news for Warcraft movie for long! The movie will be directed by Sam Raimi, director of Spiderman. The movie sechduled to be released in 2011.

Since Thrall, Bolvar etc might be making their appearance, it should be for certain that the timeline would be 1 year before Warcraft 3 where the scourge began the invasion into Azeroth.

Personally, I would like to see Alodia acting as a Blood Elf Mage most if she really did get chosen. Imagine her casting fire blots and polymorph her enemy into a sheep in the movie. That will be so cool!

What about you guys? What race (Human, Blood elf, Night elf etc) and class (Mage, priest, warrior etc) would you like to see her acting as?

Once again, some additional info about Alodia related to Warcraft.

1) Did you know that it was her dream to be a concept artist for Blizzard or Square Enix. I bet she never even dream that she is going to act for a Blizzard movie instead. lol

2) Alodia was also an avid World of Warcraft gamer. She had a Blood Elf priest (FOR THE HORDE) in Hyjal server before she quitted the game

If she didn’t quit it, I could have say hi to her in game T.T


Her first figurine was a Blood Elf given by her friend. Since then, she start her own collection of the figures.



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  1. … tutut …

  2. i really like you po!!!!!

  3. yey! alodia was a wow gamer! 🙂

  4. you really look like my school crush,..but i like you both…<3


  6. i lyk cosplay…..specially alodia….love you alodia..

  7. your the best alodia
    i ❤ u very much!

  8. nice like lub ko talaga alodia forever!!!!

  9. i idolizE u mUcH!!!.,.,ur so nicE.,.,.loOk so gorGeouS!!

  10. haha.xD…
    ❤ euh ALODIA!!!

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