Alodia & Ashley on Cosplay Network Philippines

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I give up embeding the facebook videos in wordpress after 3 hours of trying. WordPress sucks

Click on the pictures to watch the videos directly at Cosplay Network Philippines

Alodia’s dance performance. High definition and center view ūüėÄ

Short interview with Ashley.

“Just follow your heart and follow your dreams!”


1st Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Tour Competition

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Event: Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Tour Competition
Date: 28 August 2010
Time: 3pm
Location:  SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines 

This must be the first time I blogged about an overseas cosplay event, lol.

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Cyberzone Cosplay Tour

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*Edit* Time now, 10.38am. live streaming is on air now. The competition will still starts at 3pm but remember check it out for other performances which might on stage

*2nd Edit* Ok, it is off air now. I think they are just put it on live for a while to check out the technical stuff.

Today is the day! For those who are unable to attend the event like me, remember to check out¬†for the live streaming of the competition. If lucky, we might get to see Alodia’s performance.

Do¬†remember to check out the time difference between your country and Philippines. The live streaming starts at¬†3pm Philippines time, not 3pm of your country’s timing. Lol. I am glad that there is no time difference between Singapore and Philippines.

By the way, a Filipino cosplayer was chatting with me on Facebook at around 9.40am.¬†I didn’t feel that bad about not being able to attend the event until he asked me if I am in SM Megamall right now and he has already spotted Alodia!!!

=.= I LIVE IN SINGAPORE!!!! And the event started so early O_o? I believe Ashley should be there now too.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoy themselves at the event ūüėÄ

Who won “A Date With Alodia”?

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This “winner” really¬†AMAZED me!!

Or my curse actually worked??!!!! So, the new winner shall be a kid or a female fan right! Lol. You can see that I am still feeling sore for not given the equal chance to win the date.

Just joking. Let’s hope they will announce the new winner soon.

Alodia appearing in AxeLab’s commerical

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(Video uploaded by angelanderson07)

Alodia appearing in AxeLab‘s commercial ūüôā

She is the one wearing the light blue top.

Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Competition

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I can’t go….. I live in Singapore and the event is held in Philippines. Make sense? D:

Alodia and Ashley will be the judges for the cosplay competition. Seems like Alodia will be doing a performance on stage as well!

Luckily, we can watch the competition streaming live from Hopefully, they will stream Alodia’s performance so I can watch it.

And Alodia’s mum is such a nice person to¬†arrange a photo session with Alodia for her fan club T_T

Remember to take lots of pictures and videos!

Alodia’s interview by Balita Newspapers

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Newspaper: Balita
Date: 7 August 2010

Alodia’s interview by Filipino/American Newspapers, Balita.

If you have problem reading the article, you can read the original article at pg 46


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Photo taken from (Comic Sale Central)
Photographer: Kara Mii

Too bad the poster is only available in Philippines D:

On the bright side, I won’t need to crack my brain thinking of ways to to steal it from the shopping mall if they are available in Singapore.

If you ask me, they might as well get her to do Pocky TV advertisment as well instead of just showing her on the poster.

Alodia’s True Form?

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Hmm….. I have no idea what message Animax is trying to convey over here ^_^”¬†

Especially it is Chinese Ghost festival in Singapore right now. Lol.

But, most people seems to like it though XD

By the way, this reminds me of the Sadako video which Alodia did

Alodia’s interview by Playworks Magazine (August 2010 issue)

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(Click pics for higher resolution)

Scanned from Playworks Magazine August Issue. The magazine is just released today!!! ūüėÄ

Because Playworks gave me false hope telling me¬†during the¬†beginning of the month that the magazine should be out anytime soon, I ended up waiting in vain going to 7-11 and various bookshop to look for it everyday for the past 2 weeks!!!!! =.=”

By the way, I apologise for the lack of update here. Currently, I am taking a short break here due to………………….. Starcraft 2 and of course the heavy workload in office. Will try to update more news soon.

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