Alodia & Ashley’s interview by Singapore Lian He Zao Bao

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Unoffical English translation under cut.

Special thanks to my sis and my friends, Lemonade and Cheyeene for helping out with the translation.

P.S. Been busy these days so update here will be slow. Still haven blog about Alodia’s cosplay journey at SDCC and her being in a documentary which will be shown next year D:

Lian He Zao Bao (Lian He Morning Newspapers)
Date: 28 Jul 2010 (Wednesday)
Article by: Chen Ying Zhen
Photo: Li Bai Juan

Philippines Sisters
Cosplaying as a career

Regardless of how popular cosplay is, it seems to be only a pastime in which young people would participate in. However, the currently popular cosplay sisters, Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao are treating cosplay very seriously and even intend to develop cosplay as a career.

After Alodia became the VJs for anime channel, Animax, she came with her sister to Singapore early this month to attend the event, Youth Shine Festival. Accompanied by their mother in the interview, they shared their opinions about cosplay and exhibited the serious side of a professional cosplayer.

     In the make-up room, famous cosplayers from Philippines, Alodia (22 years old) and Ashley Gosiengfiao (21 years old) concentrate on their makeup. During the fans’ meet and greet session held early this month, they cosplayed as Sakurada Miwako and Hayasaka Yukari from “Paradise Kiss”. They took special attention to every little detail ranging from the wig, makeup to the costume and shoes.

     Ashely said, “Definitely seeking 100% perfection”.
     Alodia adds on, “If we realised anything was missing from the outfit after the photoshoot, it will be very difficult to use Photoshop to add them in. We always try to minimize the photo editing everytime we cosplay.”

      The two sisters have loved to dress up since young. Whenever their birthdays were celebrated, their mother would hold a theme party and dress them up as Disney princesses. As they grew up, they fell in love with anime and the idea of dressing up as anime characters was triggered.  Since 7 years ago, they have started to participate actively in cosplay competitions.

      Alodia has cosplayed more than 30 anime and games characters, and has won numerous awards. Now, she is frequently invited to be the judge for cosplay competitions and to attend anime-related events. She is also the spokesperson for various restaurants, skin care products and games. Recently, she has even been selected to be the VJs for anime channel, Animax. She has over 20,000 fans in her Facebook page and her artworks in Deviantart has a page view of over 4 million hits. She now has her own personal website at

      As for Ashley, she has cosplayed over 10 anime and game characters. Her cosplay “career” was once interrupted because she was busy forming her band, and also because her classmates were not receptive to cosplay (“cosplay is so weird!”). It was under encouragement from her sister that she picked up the hobby again.

     In order to maintain the perfect image for cosplay, the two sisters insist on jogging everyday. Alodia said: “Many of the anime characters are so slim and by maintaining a good figure, we will have more choices when selecting who to cosplay as.”

     Once they have decided on the characters to cosplay, they will actively do their research. Besides printing the characters’ coloured pictures, making notes, choosing cloth materials, facial expression, the matching of fashion accessories and makeup are also required in order for the cosplay characters to be imitated successfully.

Cosplay strengthened their mother and daughters relationship
Their mother, Mariglor changed from initial objection to giving them her full support. She confessed that she was worried cosplay would affect their studies. However, when she saw her daughters tirelessly selling their artworks online in order to earn money to finance their cosplay material costs, she couldn’t bear to continue her objection.  

      She said, “I slowly realized that cosplay is not a bad thing for my children, especially since it can spark off creativity. My relationship with the children will only keep drifting apart if I keep objecting.”

     Since making the decision to give her full support in her daughters’ cosplay activities, their relationship has strengthened. Mariglor said, “Now, we can chat about anything under the sun and the feel is akin to friends. Everytime they attend cosplay events, I will try to accompany them, help them with their make-up, hair style and accessories.”

 Hoping to develop cosplay as a full career
Alodia graduated from Ateneo de Manila University arts course. She initially aspires to be a concept designer for a gaming company. However, ever since she engaged in cosplay, she has received many modeling assignments and endorsements which have kept her very busy. Now, she hopes to develop cosplay as a career. She said, “Cosplay can proceed to different levels and I hope to open a cosplay specialty shop to help other people create a perfect image for the character.” Ashley, who is also studying for an arts course, will be graduating this year. Will she continue to cosplay after 5 years? Without hesitation, she nods, “I enjoy cosplay a lot.” Will she cosplay 10 years from now? She smiled and replied, “Why not?”



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  1. I love how Alodia and Ashley dare to do what they love for a living, and I love how Mariglor supports her daughters’ passion and talent. Thanks for posting this translation, Neo! 🙂

    • Haha, np Mike. Just thought tat most of her fans dun understand chinese, so I decided to do a translation

  2. Many people out there still don’t like Otakus, & some even think that Alodia is one of them, who just dresses up & tries to be cute to anyone so they’ll praise her… How she started is something I cannot comment on… Hey, maybe even those haters were right, that she’s just playing to be praised to begin with…

    But with her current statements, I’d say she’s really loving what she does, & not just for the praises… Proof? When she was asked, up to when she’d want to do this, she’s even having wishful thinking that she could still do it for a really longer while… One thing a hater of what she does wouldn’t have, but she does, is PASSION… For me, I’m just thankful for standing up for Otakus like me who’re always criticized… Best of luck Alodia!

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