Ashley’s on Front Act (With English Subtitles)!

August 5, 2010 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Videos | 3 Comments

(Video by cscentrlTV)

Ashley making a special guest appearance on TV Show, Front Act.

CscentrlTV is very considerate to provide us with English subtitles for the benefits of international audience.  I totally have no idea what was going on when I first saw the video which has no subtitles at all.

After watching with subtitles, I thought the dialogue was really hilarious. Ashley having problem with her crush not noticing her???? Lol.

Trust me, the impression Ashley gives me is that she will crush her crush if he doesn’t notice her ;p

After watching this video and doing the translation for Singpaore Newspaper, Lian He Zhao Bao, it prompted me that many fans probably have problem learning more about Alodia and Ashley due to language barrier.

I watched 9 min of this video in tagalog without understanding a single word. Ok, I admit the reason why I managed to watch the full video even though I dun understand the language was because I was oggling at them throughout 

As such, if this blog managed to survive more than 1~2 years, I might consider roping more people in and provide more “services” such as translation, fan made videos, fan arts, more newspapers/magazine scans from around the world etc.

Finding people with the same goal will be difficult though. I wouldn’t want to work with people urging me to post pictures of Alodia in binkini every single day.

In fact, I just appointed my friend, Lemonade to be editor of this blog. Let’s welcome her 😀 

P.S. Lol, I bet if Lemonade is reading this right now, she will be saying over her dead body XD



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  1. Well, the second video’s interview starts out with the question, ‘How did you guys start cosplaying?’ to which they answered that they first started out 2001 in a competition (I didn’t catch the name, sorry). During 2003, that’s when they started cosplaying for competitions regularly.

    Then, ‘Who makes your costumes?’ Alodia answers that most of the time, the ones who make the costumes are different. She does her props sometimes, though, if they’re small and doable like headgears. ‘Like the swords?…’ and Alodia says ‘My skills aren’t up to that level yet.’ and laughs. They have worn Halloween costumes for a fund-raising event.

    ‘Who has the more fans between the two of you?’ to which Ashley points to Alodia who mutters ‘Not true’ and Ashley answers ‘Yes way.’

    The next question’s ‘What’s the wildest thing a fan’s ever done to you?’ Alodia: ‘We were in Greenbelt (it’s a place) on a normal day — no costume, just casual clothes and all — when this guy approached and said ‘Are you Ms. Alodia?’ and I said ‘Yeah’ and then the guy knelt and kowtowed before me. I was just laughing. And then his sister hugged me. I felt like the guy wanted to hug me, too.’

    • Next is, ‘You’re also musicians right? Give us a sample of what you guys sing.’ at this point they sing. Haha. The song’s in Japanese, by the way. Alodia stops and says she forgot the lyrics. Ashley sings a song from her favorite game, Kingdom Hearts. When the guy asks ‘do you guys have Facebook accounts’, he later on jokes that the two girls haven’t accepted his request. Teehee~

      Then ‘What do you look for in a guy?’ (I know you’d love this question) Ashley answers ‘Kind.’ while Alodia says ‘Loyal.’ Ashley: ‘Gentleman.’ The guy in red asks: ‘Is it necessary that the guys who’ll court you are also in costumes?’ Well, ya hear what Alodia says. Haha. Then he asks for their phone numbers! The guy in blue says, ‘Ha! YOU didn’t get their numbers!’

      ‘D’you guys have boyfriends.’ To which they answer, ‘No. We don’t’. (Hooray for all the fanboys out there.) Next comes a hypothetical question: ‘How would you turn down a guy if you don’t like him?’ Ashley says, ‘Ignore.’ Hahaha. Then Alodia says that he’ll text the guy that she’s gonna turn him down.

      ‘Has it ever happened that you two like the same guy?’ To which Ashley answers. ‘No.’ They have different tastes. Ashley likes Zac Efron and Alodia says ‘Yuck’. Haha.

      ‘If you really like the guy, what do you do to show you like him’. There’s your answer: …..

      ‘Are you guys close?’ They say I think so. Ashley calls Alodia ‘atedge’ as a hybrid for Alo’s nick, Edge and the word ‘ate’, which is the tagalog term for ‘big sis’. Alodia, on the other hand, calls Ashley either ‘Ash’ or I think it’s ‘Chii’? Something that sounds like that. Haha.

      ‘Who dresses up longer?’ Alodia points at Ashley. She says it takes her a long time to take a bath and she sings in the shower. ‘What d’you sing?’ Alodia answers for her: Paramore.

      ‘Who eats more?’ Alodia, again, points to Ash. And Ash vehemently objects! Haha. ‘Do you go to the gym or diet or do sports?’ No, they don’t.

      ‘Everybody knows that you two are gorgeous. Do you have any beauty secrets or rituals?’ Alodia: I used to do the ice-on-my-face thing that’s why we always ran out of ice.

      ‘Do you think by guesting in our show, it will help improve our ratings?’ And Alodia cutely answers: I hope so.

      • And finally, the part you guys are waiting for…

        ‘Give a message to your thousands of fans all over.’

        Ash: I’m really thankful for all our supportive fans.
        Alodia: And thanks to Front Act for inviting us here and letting us talk to you, guys.

        That’s all. Next comes promotions and whatnot:

        Ash: We’d like to invite you to Cosplay Circle. That’s
        Alodia: It’s a forum that we made for cosplayers and for those who want to start cosplaying. For my site, it’s If you find it difficult to spell my last name, just Google my first name. Teehee~

        Aaand, the guy’s give them t-shirts. That’s all. Thank you. Hahahaha. That was a lot of work. *whew* 🙂

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