Reason behind Alodia’s facebook a/c being deleted

August 5, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Facebook | 3 Comments

Updated news from Alodia herself posted in her mum’s facebook.

Instead of questioning whether it is another act of a hacker, we finally know who to focus our attention for the deletion of Alodia’s facebook account.

I have no idea Alodia has violated which rights or responsibilities. If Facebook actually did deleted her account due to haters reporting for impersonation, they are seriously fuckup incompetent in differentiating between a real account and fake.

Remember the fake “Alodia” which I blog here few days ago? Even Mike and I reported it, it is still existing in facebook. What is Facebook doing??!! Do you need more people to report it? This leads to another point where there might be a big group of haters reporting Alodia or it might be a one man army with multiple accounts.

Facebook needs to give us a clear explanation fast and restore Alodia’s account back asap or they are seriously going to see a group of angry mobs outside their office



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  1. Alodia’s haters can get pretty vicious. 😦

  2. Indeed. But, I am more upset with Facebook now with their incompetency. Seriously, what are they even doing???

    And thanks for pointing out the mistakes I made in the previous post. Saw the small discussion in your wall about multiple facebook account. I seriously wouldn’t want to mislead ppl thinking she has violated the terms and conditions.

    • Thank you for understanding, Neo. Alodia’s enemies would use any opportunity to spread misinformation.

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