Fake Alodia’s Fan Page increasing rampantly!

August 6, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Facebook | Leave a comment

While all Alodia’s fans around the world are waiting anxiously for her Facebook account and Fan Page to be restored, some haters just had to add fuel to the fire by creating a Fake Alodia’s Fan Page as a mockery to us.

Just barely 24 hours has passed, there is already a fake Fan Page created with the attempt of conning Alodia’s fans into liking the page during the absence of the real Fan Page.

What’s worse? The imposter didn’t even make any effort to conceal the obvious fact that it is a total fake.  Please create one which I will even doubt if it is really a real one. I would have at least give the imposter some credits for the time spent.

This is in the fake Alodia’s  Bio

“Alodia Gosiengfiao frequents anime and video game conventions, whether it is to attend the convention or join in cosplay competitions. Her popularity began in 2003 when she won in an event called the C3 Convention in 2003 as Gun Mage Rikku of FFX-2.[2] This led to her and her sister Ashley being featured on the cover of Issue 14 of Culture Crash Magazine[1], a Manga Magazine in the Philippines.
Alodia was Animax’s first ever Levi’s Kawaii girl winner in the last episode of Mad Mad Fun, which was announced on air on November 29, 2007.[3] Since then, she has continued to cosplay various characters from different anime and videogames. The Philippine edition of FHM ranked her number 87 in its 2009 poll for 100 Sexiest Women in the World.[4] Alodia has been named by UNO Magazine as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.[5]”


Not to mention it does not have all the links which the real Fan Page has due to obvious reason that this imposter simply can’t remember them at all.

I have been telling others to stay calm and wait patiently for the real account to be reinstated. But, I am clenching my fists now because this is starting to get on my nerve. Why? I couldn’t even report this fake Fan page because …… WHERE IS THE REAL ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!

And there are even fans liking the page asking why she deleted her Fan Page and a dicussion on “Why Facebook delete my account”

This is seriously pissing me off now.


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