1st Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Tour Competition

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Event: Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Tour Competition
Date: 28 August 2010
Time: 3pm
Location:  SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines 

This must be the first time I blogged about an overseas cosplay event, lol.

Sadly, I was unable to attend the event since I live in Singapore T_T. But, I watched its live streaming through Flippish.com 😀

The streaming was pretty smooth throughout the whole event.

(Video uploaded by Alodia)

Alodia’s dance performance on stage!! The music is “Hot Issue” by 4minute


This is what happened when your World of Warcraft guild raid clashed with the live streaming. Haha. I have to squeeze a tiny explorer beside my WoW’s screen so that I can raid and watch the event at the same time.

And no, I did not get distracted in game and died when Alodia appeared. Lol. It was a raid’s wipe at boss XD

As I watched the compeitition, I finally understand why its called the 1st Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Competition. All the contestants are the finalists representing different cities in Philippines!

 Overall, the competition was very entertaining


2nd – JetFire Prime from Manila

3rd – Spawn Mandarin

(Photo by Jenny de Vera)

Winners: 1st – Optimus Prime from Davao

 Sorry, I can’t find the picture for the 1st place winner. The event was held concurrently at 2 venues, SM Megamall and SM Davao. All the pictures I found tagged in Alodia’s facebook are taken at SM Megamall because Alodia was there instead of Davao ^^”





(Photo by Richie Dela Merced)

Some of Alodia’s pictures taken by Richie Dela Merced. Visit Alodia’s Facebook account or her Fan Page for more photo.    

I apologise for the wrong information about Ashley being one of the judges for the Cosplay Competition. She was invited to give away the prizes on stage instead.

She might want to consider taking off her hat when going on stage in future because it was covering her face most of the time when I was watching the live streaming.

Let’s hope that all the events which Alodia and Ashley attending will have live streaming so that I can watch it from Singapore. lol



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  1. saan ba yung video ng August 28, 2010 1st Nationwide Cybrzone Cosplay winner mahahanap????

    • Sorry, I dun understand tagalog. I am a Singaporean. Mind reply in English instead?

      • im so sorry.. apology is my gratitude..anyways, i just wanna ask if there is any videos attached from the 1st nationwide cyberzone cosplay last august 28 2010 and where could i find it or what site would i search to find the video of winner… thanxxx

      • Hi. Are you the Optimus Prime cosplayer who won?

        If yes, are you looking for the video of you dancing on stage? Lol

        I am sorry. I am not sure if there is any link or site which might have the pictures/videos. My advice is to check out popular cosplay forums in your country where people will post the pictures and videos they taken 🙂

  2. yes its me hhhehehehheheehe…. tanx 4 the info ..

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