Are you a fan of Alodia?

September 6, 2010 at 1:52 pm | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Facebook | 1 Comment

*Made by Reginan*

Saw this in one of Alodia’s Facebook Fans Club and I decided to try it for fun XD

Total Score: 5/25

LOL! I failed……………………

1. Her cosplay pictures are the ones that you used as reference for your art works.
– No., I dun draw.

2. “Lonely in Gorgeous” is your ringtone and her picture is your wellpaper on your cellphone.
– No. Mine is May’n, “Lion” ;p

3. You watch her TV appearances on YouTube, over and over again.
– Yes. A few times but not really over and over. haha

4. You print out all of her Digital Artworks.
– No. You guys do that?

5. You memorized all of her cosplayed characters, in chronological order.
– No. If there is a consolidated list, maybe I will.

6. Your favorite TV channel is Animax
– No. No Animax at home right now. Hahaha

7. Your’re always there on conventions that she attended.
– O_______O Like how? Fly over to Philippines. Singapore events she attended, Yes.

8. You save enough money for a piano.
– Errr. No. What’s really expensive is learning how to play one.

9. You wrote “Photography” as one of your “Favorite Hobbies”, even though you are not good at it
– Nope.

10. You buy boxes of Kojie-san not because of the soap. It is because she’s there.
– Not available in Singapore.

11. You visit her Facebook Fan Page 3 times a day.
– Yes. Facebook ┬ásometimes doesn’t seems to update latest posts, so I will check out her Fan Page directly to see if there is any news which I missed out.

12. You spell “Gosiengfiao” correctly, and perfectly.
– Now, Yes. Lol

13. You perfected “Caramelldansen”.
No. Perfected it in what way? O_o

14. You buy toys, figurines, and BJD’s the same number that she have on her closet.
If even Alodia doesn’t even know how many she has, how do you even know it. Lol. No

15. You were inspired cosplaying and proud of being a geek because of her.
I dun cosplay

16. You always shout on Facebook, “Masane Amaha is cool!”

17. You always improvise coffee drinks, ala Starbucks.
Hmm, no.

18. When you’re challenged to play DOTA, you reply “My skills for that isn’t good enough. My expertise is for World of Warcraft only”
– Did someone actually challenged her to DOTA before? Anway, I played both (DOTA in the past though).

19. You have a number of her Photos on your Flash Disk.
– Who doesn’t. Haha

20. You are the administrator of every fan club of hers.
– Nope.

21. When “G.I.Joe” was mentioned at you, the only one thing that comes into your mind was “The Baroness”.
– Yes

22. You are one of those people that trafficked the “Animax Asia” website.
– No? Only when she updated a video or blog at Animax website, then I will visit it.

23. You love KPOP because she loves that too.
No. I like KPOP b4 I became a fan

24. You hate “Alodia Haters Club”
– Seriously, I don’t. I don’t hate Haters just because they hate Alodia.

25. Most important, you show your own talents, and you are able to share it to others, just like her!


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