Playing Starcraft 2 with Alodia!!!

September 26, 2010 at 1:32 am | Posted in Alodia Gosiengfiao, Games | 1 Comment

Guess what? I just got to play 2 custom games with Alodia in Starcraft 2!!!!! Lol 😀

The games were really fun and it’s really great to be able to play with her. Trust me, the feeling is even better than completing all the achievements or getting top in the ladder.

If you still have not heard about it, Alodia is currently playing Starcraft 2 in North America’s server. Character Code 513. If you are not playing Starcraft 2 yet, it’s time to purchase a copy and you might actually get a chance to play her!

For those who actually thought that she ignored your friend request (like me), that is because Blizzard gave her a North America (NA) version of SC2 when she last visited their headquarter. This means that she is forever stuck in NA server while the rest of us can switch between South East Asia (SEA) server and NA server after patch 1.10 is out. Therefore, you need to switch to NA server in order to add her since friend list is managed separately by regions.

I actually discovered this before she made this Facebook post and informed her about it since I did not experience any patching on the same day as she did. Finally, she figured out that all these while, she was playing in a different server from her fans. Thanks god patch 1.10 was released in SEA server one day after that. If not, I won’t even get to play with her.


Honestly, I am really surprised that Alodia is actually so ………. open to sharing her bnet email/Character code with us as I thought she most probably only wishes to play with her own friends. I hope she don’t get spammed with messages all day long. lol. But, of course, I believe doing this will benefits her in the long term especially she will be working with Blizzard soon for some projects.

A chance to act in Blizzard’s Warcraft movie, invitation to visit Blizzard’s Headquarter and Blizzcon. In a few months time, I believe a “blizzard” is really coming soon. Remember to constantly check out her facebook  for latest update.


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  1. what race was she playing as? and how was playing with her like?

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