Freshgear Demicon 2010

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Event: Freshgear Demicon 2010
Date: 15 Oct 2010
Time: 4pm
Venue: Philippines SM Manila

*Info taken from Alodia’s Facebook*
See your favorite cosplay queens Alodia and Ashley together with other FreshGear models. Watch band performances by Tanya Markova and The Drift.FREE ENTRANCE! Come in COSTUME or wear your FreshGear apparels and win exciting prizes plus Freshgear alodia-ashley posters!

Concept Design & Art Direction: James Hermogenes & Carlo Lamano
Photgraphy: Xander Angeles of Edge of Light
Costumes: Alodia, Ashley, Guy Singson and Mary Grace Roldan

I think this is a promo event for Freshgear. Hmm, Friday, 4pm. Holding a event on a weekday during school/work hours is not really a good timeing if you ask me. Also, I heard that Philippines’s traffic can get really bad. I wonder how many fans will be able to make it there in time to see Alodia and Ashley before the event ends.

P.S. Yes, short break is officially over and I am back to blogging again. BUT, I will be starting to play FFXIV online from today so………………. hopefully I won’t forget to blog here? ;p


Freshgear 2011

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Art Direction: Carlo Lamano
Photography: Xander Angeles
Graphic Design: James Hermogenes
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao

Finally, the pictures taken for Freshgear are out! I have already helped to tag the picture to Alodia’s Facebook. Hopefully, she will share the pictures with all her fans soon

Date with Alodia Gosiengfiao

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*Photo by Argel James Berenguel*

The winner of Alodia’s Mobile Download who got a date with Alodia. Look how happy he is D:

I saw some comments asking if the date is real or just some scam. Well, here is the proof.

Hmm, I wonder who won Alodia’s artworks though.

Also, Globe subscribers can also now start to download all Alodia’s mobile content. Unfortunately, Globe subsribers won’t be able to win a date with Alodia this time round.

Honestly, they should consider putting the date as a prize again. I believe many Globe users will want to win that.

Alodia Mobile Download New Winner

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Finally, we have a new winner and I think it’s a guy who won the date.

At least, I know the new winner is normal unlike the previous winner who must be some crazy guy to reject the date 😦

I hope he enjoy the date. Hopefully, he don’t get food poisoning the day before or get electrocuted by the joy sticks at the arcade. Nonono, I am seriously not cursing him. You guys are reading too much.

Sneak Preview at Alodia & Ashley’s latest photoshoot

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*All photos by James Hermogenes*

A sneak preview of Alodia and Ashley’s latest photoshoot for Fresh Gears Freego Jeans. So, the photoshoot is done for its advertisment?

Hopefully, we will get to see all the pictures soon

*Click picture to watch video at Alodia’s Facebook Fan Page*

And a short video which they did after the photoshoot. Why do I have this happy feeling when I watched the video


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Photo taken from (Comic Sale Central)
Photographer: Kara Mii

Too bad the poster is only available in Philippines D:

On the bright side, I won’t need to crack my brain thinking of ways to to steal it from the shopping mall if they are available in Singapore.

If you ask me, they might as well get her to do Pocky TV advertisment as well instead of just showing her on the poster.


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Wow, not only she’s invading the whole world, Alodia is expanding her business as well.

(Video by Azrael Coladilla)

Alodia will be working with Play Ground Mobile and you will be able to download her wallpaper and screensavers into your very own mobile phone!

She will also be giving away some of  her digital artworks which are framed and signed by her.

That’s not all! The best part is you stand a chance to win A DATE WITH ALODIA GOSIENGFIAO!! Start your downloading. You certainly won’t want to miss your chance.

However, it is available only for Smart Subscribers in Philippines which means I won’t even get my chance to win the date at all oTL


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