Alodia on The Straits Times

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The Straits Times – 11 Nov 2010

The Straits Times – 16 Nov 2010

I know I have not been blogging here for very long. Here are 2 articles I scanned from¬†The Straits Times. Click pictures for high resolution. Enjoy! ūüėĬ†


Alodia in Playstation The Official Magazine

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*Click Pic for high resolution*

Alodia appearing in Playstation The Official Magazine November Issue. Thanks to Reginald Tiomico for the info.

It may only have small picture of Alodia in the magazine, but it’s still worth getting it.

I have a feeling they never get permission from Alodia before using her picture though.

Alodia on “The Brewrats” radio show and “Anime/Videogame Special”

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*Photo by The Brewrats*

Alodia on U-92.3 FM for “The Brewrats” radio show and “Anime Special” with Angel Rivero and Jay Tablante

Isn’t it depressing when you fall asleep due to tiredness from work and completely missed it? The whole world seems to be talking about it right now when I logged into Facebook D:

Was the whole interview in English, Tagalog or a mixture of both?

I was actually searching in youtube to see if any kind soul would have recorded the show and uploaded it. Unfortunately, no one uploaded it yet.

“If it isn’t too much…..”?????? Your idol has already spoken and humbly requested for it, what else can you all ask for?!!!

If I was awake, I would have recorded it for sure and started the uploading by now even it’s a 10 hour show. Sighz, minus 1 opportunity to make some contribution. I am pretty sure it’s something which I could do.

What are you guys even waiting for? Just do it!

Alodia & Ashley on Cosplay Network Philippines

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I give up embeding the facebook videos in wordpress after 3 hours of trying. WordPress sucks

Click on the pictures to watch the videos directly at Cosplay Network Philippines

Alodia’s dance performance. High definition and center view ūüėÄ

Short interview with Ashley.

“Just follow your heart and follow your dreams!”

Alodia’s interview by Balita Newspapers

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Newspaper: Balita
Date: 7 August 2010

Alodia’s interview by Filipino/American Newspapers, Balita.

If you have problem reading the article, you can read the original article at pg 46

Alodia’s interview by Playworks Magazine (August 2010 issue)

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(Click pics for higher resolution)

Scanned from Playworks Magazine August Issue. The magazine is just released today!!! ūüėÄ

Because Playworks gave me false hope telling me¬†during the¬†beginning of the month that the magazine should be out anytime soon, I ended up waiting in vain going to 7-11 and various bookshop to look for it everyday for the past 2 weeks!!!!! =.=”

By the way, I apologise for the lack of update here. Currently, I am taking a short break here due to………………….. Starcraft 2 and of course the heavy workload in office. Will try to update more news soon.

Alodia & Ashley’s interview by Singapore Lian He Zao Bao

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(Click picture for full resolution)

Unoffical English translation under cut.

Special thanks to my sis and my friends, Lemonade and Cheyeene for helping out with the translation.

P.S. Been busy these days so update here will be slow. Still haven blog about Alodia’s cosplay journey at SDCC and her being in a documentary which will be shown next year D:

Continue Reading Alodia & Ashley’s interview by Singapore Lian He Zao Bao…

Alodia’s interview by Playwork Magazine (Preview)

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(Photos taken from Playwork Magazine. Photography by Delia  and Valefor Ho)

Here is a preview of the interview done with Alodia by our local gaming magazine, Playwork when she was in Singapore few weeks back

You can read preview here and the full article in the August issue of the magazine.

P.S. Even though I was the one who shared the link in Alodia’s facebook quite some time ago, I can’t believe I forgot to share the news here =.=”

Alodia on Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Magazine

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(Scans taken from Alodia’s facebook)

I believe all Alodia’s fans should have read this interview by now.

If you have problem reading the article from the scan, you can read it directlyfrom

I really wish I can get my hands on all these philippines magazines featuring Alodia’s interview and keep them for collection D:

Alodia on Yahoo! News Again!!

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Alodia on Yahoo! Philippines News Again!!! ūüėÄ

*Edit* OMG, Alodia has been on  the front page of Yahoo Philippines for six times, and the front page of Yahoo Singapore once!!!

Special thanks to Mike Abundo¬†for¬†pointing it out!!¬†He is the real pro when it comes to Alodia’s news XD

I am not sure how many times she has been featured on Yahoo! Philippines already but the last one which I saw was Alodia and Ashley become the VJs for Animax.

The article talks about the launching of Alodia Mobile Download service through LogiaGroup Philippines. Read the full article here

Once again, Smart Subscribers remember to keep downloading from the Mobile Service by texting ALODIA to 2861. You might be the LUCKY guybastard to win a date with her!

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