Alodia’s new photoshoot

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*Photo taken from Joyce A. Ramirez *

Styling by Myrrh Lao To
Make Up by John Pagaduan
Backpacks by HIGH SIERRA
Special Thanks to ANIMAX Asia

Alodia’s latest photoshoot. I am not very sure if this photoshoot was done for Animax Asia, but I believe Alodia will update it in her Facebook Fan Page soon and we will know more by then.


Freshgear 2011

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Art Direction: Carlo Lamano
Photography: Xander Angeles
Graphic Design: James Hermogenes
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao

Finally, the pictures taken for Freshgear are out! I have already helped to tag the picture to Alodia’s Facebook. Hopefully, she will share the pictures with all her fans soon

Sneak Preview at Alodia & Ashley’s latest photoshoot

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*All photos by James Hermogenes*

A sneak preview of Alodia and Ashley’s latest photoshoot for Fresh Gears Freego Jeans. So, the photoshoot is done for its advertisment?

Hopefully, we will get to see all the pictures soon

*Click picture to watch video at Alodia’s Facebook Fan Page*

And a short video which they did after the photoshoot. Why do I have this happy feeling when I watched the video

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